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American College of Cardiology & Body Interact: together in Jeddah for the Middle East Conference

The American College of Cardiology (ACC) Middle East Conference provides an engaging forum to critically examine evidence-based strategies as well ...

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The 16th Vietnam National Congress of Cardiology entitled “Cardiology in the New Era: Personalized Approaches for Complex Issues” took place ...

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European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress

Centas puts Barco's most silent 8,000 lumens projector at the heart of the ESC congress   Barco's RLM-W8 projector played a leading ...

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HH Shaikh Nasser to patronise first Sports Cardiology Conference

Manama, Feb. 23 (BNA): Under the patronage of HM the King’s Representative for Charity Work and Youth Affairs, National Security ...

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3rd International Conference on Cardiology (Hybrid Event) November 20-21, 2023 | Dubai, UAE

3rd International Conference onCardiology (Hybrid Event) November 20-21, 2023 | Dubai, UAE   Theme: Exploring New Research and Frontiers in Cardiology Care    

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IFCH is an official member of TAFISA in the international level



about us

Hello to all
International Cardio HIIT Federation – IFCH is an official member of Tafisa in the international category.

The main goal of the International Cardio Federation is to develop public sports and strive for heart health for the general public around the world.

IFCH has just been established and started its activities. Considering that cardio has a big name in the world and does not need publicity and introduction like other sports, the goal of IFCH is to promote and develop cardio as much as possible around the world.
Cardio is a familiar name to all athletes around the world.
It is also better understood and experienced by the public.
When you google Cardio, you will clearly see how big and popular Cardio is in the world, and One billion people have googled Cardio and many sites have posted articles and training video clips about Cardio.
Since heart disease is known to be the most important cause of death in humans, the development of cardio in the world can greatly contribute to the health of the public.
I am writing a book entitled (Cardio Is The Last Option For Health) and I am sure this book will be well received.
In this book, I compared cardio with other sports in the field of health and sports development among the public.
Cardio due to its high variety in performing manoeuvres and different styles such as:
Cardio Fitness, Cardio Dance, Cardio Martial Arts, Cardio Aerobics, Cardio Power and … can attract many people in the community to exercise, and this diversity is not seen in other sports. And on the other hand, due to the fact that cardio has specific exercises in the field of heart, it is very important for cardio to be used in other sports.
many sports organizations and associations around the world will support IFCH in promoting health and preventing heart problems.
Best wishes for you