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high intensity interval training - HIIT

high intensity interval training - HIIT   100-hiit-workouts

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IACS is an official member of TAFISA in the international level

The first Webinar on the 7th World Sports Games for All TAFISA 2021

Hello every one
I am Haniyeh Zardadi
The director of international relations of Iran
In IACS organisation
Today, December 18, 2020, at 11:00 AM (UTC/ portuguese time)
Which is equivalent to 28 December 1399 at 14:30 Tehran time
Fortunately, I was present at the webinar of the 7th World Sport For All Games.

This webinar is attended by more than 120 members from all over the world
Like countries like Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, France, Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, the Netherlands, Iran, etc.
In this 3-hour webinar, various topics such as

✅Discussion of making a promotional teaser for the competition
✅Registration method
✅ Venue welfare coordination of athletes and officials
✅Different separate gyms
✅ diffrenet type if gaming
✅ Determining the date of the seminar to gather officials and
✅More coordination of competitions
✅Answers to various questions in the field of general information for those who are new to Tafisa
✅Joining more organisation for cooperation with Tafisa now and in the future
✅Participate in outdoor activities including garbage collection and use them as optimal work and handwork
✅Doing more activities in social media
✅Future planning
✅Upcoming events
Spoken.As a result of the latest request, Mr. João Graça, Executive Director of Tafisa, called for more cooperation in sending photos and videos / reports of athletes, coaches and officials / reports of various activities / informing about organization and public activities.

Haniyeh Zardadi
Director of international relations
IACS organisation

Best regards.





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