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American College of Cardiology & Body Interact: together in Jeddah for the Middle East Conference

The American College of Cardiology (ACC) Middle East Conference provides an engaging forum to critically examine evidence-based strategies as well ...

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The 16th Vietnam National Congress of Cardiology entitled “Cardiology in the New Era: Personalized Approaches for Complex Issues” took place ...

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European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress

Centas puts Barco's most silent 8,000 lumens projector at the heart of the ESC congress   Barco's RLM-W8 projector played a leading ...

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HH Shaikh Nasser to patronise first Sports Cardiology Conference

Manama, Feb. 23 (BNA): Under the patronage of HM the King’s Representative for Charity Work and Youth Affairs, National Security ...

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3rd International Conference on Cardiology (Hybrid Event) November 20-21, 2023 | Dubai, UAE

3rd International Conference onCardiology (Hybrid Event) November 20-21, 2023 | Dubai, UAE   Theme: Exploring New Research and Frontiers in Cardiology Care    

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IFCH is an official member of TAFISA in the international level



What is Cardio HIIT

Welcome to the Adventure!

We’re so happy you’ve decided to find out more about Cardio HIIT!


Now that you’re here, I’m sure you’re wondering, “what is Cardio HIIT”. Cardio HIIT is many different things to many different people all around the nation. For some, it is an escape from the stresses of daily life. For others, like athletes, it’s a training system used to condition players at an elite level so that they will perform better in their respective sports. It may be a tool used by Physical Education teachers to engage more students in their classes. And for some, it may be a way to connect with people and find new music. No matter what Cardio HIIT is for each participant individually, for everyone collectively, Cardio HIIT is movement with a purpose.



For someone who has not experienced it yet, Cardio HIIT is a comprehensive system of continuous movement, designed by athletes, and executed in a unique environment in order to do what many programs on the market today cannot do; engage people through purpose-driven movement to increase their athletic intelligence, i.e. speed of execution. That being said, one does not have to be a current athlete or former athlete to benefit from the positive results Cardio Sport provides. In fact, there are three main audiences that Cardio HIIT has continually proven to benefit: Athletes, General Wellness Members, and Physical Education Students.



In athletics, there’s always a big question to be answered; “What is it that separates the ‘good’ athletes from the ‘elite’ athletes?” The answer: their Athletic Intelligence. An athlete that can execute proper decisions quickly and decisively while under fatigue or duress will always out play a ‘good’ athlete. Cardio HIIT trains athletes in a way that allows them to push themselves harder than they would at a team practice or in the gym – forcing them to adapt to new circumstances – in turn improving their speed of execution while also resulting in unparalleled physical fitness. In short – Cardio HIIT is a game changer for any athlete.



Bring your game to the next level



In the General Wellness realm, Cardio HIIT resonates especially with former athletes and athletically minded individuals who, many times, have never played a sport; this is because athletically minded individuals are motivated to move for different reasons that a traditional fitness member. These are the people who find themselves bored to tears at the gym or dread the idea of going for a run simply because they feel there is no purpose behind it. Cardio HIIT not only creates a purpose for movement, but the movement is done in a way that simulates play and problem solving, which for the athletic mind is a dream come true.



Continual commitment to movement



In Physical Education, many times teachers struggle to get every child involved and participating in class. This is not to say the teacher is to blame. By default, P.E. tends to be an area where athletes excel and unfortunately, non-athletes struggle with having the confidence to try new things for fear of being judged or made fun of. The way Cardio HIIT functions in a Physical Education setting is to create an emotionally safe environment for kids to try new things and build confidence while moving with a purpose. The environment encourages all students to participate while being entirely focused on the task at hand. As a result, they don’t have the time to look around at their peers. Additionally, kids who would normally be sitting on the bleachers have the chance to move and get their blood pumping which has been linked to many benefits such as improved cognitive function. Not only do the students respond well to it, the teachers love teaching it.



Gain confidence, increase participation



These are three main areas in which Cardio HIIT is focused. But, who’s to say there aren’t many more possibilities? Simply put, Cardio HIIT is movement with a purpose, but that purpose is different for everyone who participates. So what are you waiting for? What will your purpose be?